The beginning

It’s still so clear to me to remember how all of this started. How what happened over the next two weeks would change my life forever. ¬†How my life would never be the same again

I remember standing in the shower and noticing that my arm pit was slightly swollen. I had a poke and ouch. Geez it was sore. I had a poke around, breast was normal and nothing else out of the ordinary so I ignored it and thought nothing more for the next few days. I mean I had been to the gym the day before so figured it was just a strained muscle.

A week or so later, Approximetely 9 months ago, I went to my GP for a routine Pap smear. My arm pit was still swollen but the pain had gone so I didn’t think anything of it and definitely didn’t mention it to my GP. I had put off my Pap smear for a few months and like most of us just thought it was an uncomfortable inconvenience. ¬†There I was sitting there in the GP office wishing the next few minutes would be over, I mean who would ever want to have a Pap smear

I was sitting there in my own world wishing it was over when I remember my GP calling my name. This brought me back to the present and my GP took one look at me and said “your thyroid is enlarged”. Little did I know at this point that this would be the point when my life would be changed forever , that one little sentence from my GP would actually end up saving my life.



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